Highlights from meeting:

Team Shirts

We discussed if we are going to continue to purchase team shirts or have the teams purchase their own shirts.  Teams present voted and the league will purchase the team shirts again this season.

Team Fees

We talked about the fee should it remain the same or do we bump up the cost?  Teams present voted and the league fees will remain the same as last season.  It was decided that team fees will be due at our next meeting in April.

Number of Teams

Last year we had 12 teams I know 2 teams that will not be returning so do we want to go back to 10 teams or stay with 12 teams I do have teams that would like to fill these open spots. This was discussed and teams made it clear they do not like playing on the Mt. Pleasant field so as a result we will be going back to 10 teams this season.  We are going to have a meeting prior to the tournament and it will be discussed and decided on how funds will be spent regarding the tournament.

Review of the financials

Although nothing has changed since our previous meeting Jaime let us know we are starting the season this year we approx. $1000 in the bank.

Number of games played per season

We have the fields for 14 weeks and then we have a tournament.  The schedule will be prepared and ready for the next meeting.  Teams will then draw numbers and based on the number each team pulls will determine that teams schedule for the following season to make it fair for all teams.

Game Times

Some teams would like to revisit game times and perhaps start at 6:30pm as some teams are finding it hard to get enough players for the early game time. Teams present voted and game times will remain the same as in previous years.

Team Rosters

The question was asked about team rosters if the number of players on the roster can be increased.  Some teams struggled to get players to show up each week.  It is the captain’s responsibility to make sure they have enough players each week.  I have offered on many occasions to help teams out but going forward if your team is short players you can post on Facebook or email the other captains to ask to borrow players.  I did call NSA to find out if rosters can be over 20 players and that is not possible.  20 players per team roster is what the cut off will be.  I did find out however that they will allow roster changes during the season due to injury/other circumstances

First Aid Kits

We did purchase first aid kits but due to the number of injuries this year they will need to be replaced or replenished.  It was suggested one be left in the green bin going forward.  If we do leave a kit in the bin captains will need to let us know what was used so it can be replaced.


We will be having more meetings over the course of a season so we can get input from the teams and to help with the tournament.  At our first meeting prior to fees being due all meeting dates will be set so everyone is aware well in advance.  There will be a meeting in February just prior to when fees are due.  A meeting to discuss any rules in April. A meeting in June or July and then a meeting to discuss the tournament in early August.  We will also have an end of year meeting to wrap things up.  It was discussed that these meetings must be attended by at least one member of your team.  It is preferred that the captains attend these meetings but if the captain is not available then someone else from the team can attend in your place.  Any meeting missed will result in a fine which must be paid before that team plays in any future games.  If a team does miss 3 or more of the meetings that team will not be asked back the following season.  This was voted on and will be implemented for all future meetings.  The fine will be $50 per missed meeting.)