Games Tonight Cancelled

Tonight's games (Friday, August 16th games) are cancelled due to the weather. Please let your teams know.

League Rules


The Brant County Co-Ed Slo-Pitch League (BCCSL) is affiliated with and abides by the rules and regulations of Slo-Pitch Ontario (SPO).  The BCCSL constitution outlines the league’s policies, procedures and any variances from the official SPO rules.  All players and Captains the play in the BCCSL should familiarize themselves with these rules to avoid any violations or misinterpretations that could result in potential suspension or expulsion from the league.  The SPO constitution supercedes any conflicting SPO rules.  For clarification or further information please contact the League President.


Slo-Pitch Ontario Offical Rules

SPO Handbook

SPO Code of Conduct

SPO Policies

SPO By-Laws

BCCSL Constitution

Last Revision Date: March 26, 2018


League Policies

League constitution will be review yearly before the initial captains meeting with any potential changes to the constitution to be voted on at that meeting.

Any potential rule changes will be brought to the captains of each team and voted upon at the captains meeting before becoming league doctrine.  A vote of 51% or greater is necessary for any adoptions.

All teams must send a representative to the captain’s meetings.  Should the captain not be available, he/she is required to send a designate.  Failure to have representation at the captains meeting will result in a $50 fine for the team

No refunds will be given after the first game of the regular season has been played.

All team’s fees must be paid in full before any team plays in a regular season game. No exceptions.

All player information must be submitted to the league for insurance purposes. Those players we do not receive information for cannot play in any regular season or tournament games. This is for the safety of all players.

All Umpire’s calls are final. Any concerns regarding the way a game has been officiated should be made in-writing following the game to the attention of the league president.

Information regarding any cancelled games will be posted on the league Facebook page and posted on the league website.

Team rosters will consist of 10-14 players and 6-10 spares. Rosters can have up to 20 players including spares. Rosters must be finalized two weeks into the season after which time no more roster changes can be made. (If you have players that quit or get injured please speak to League President)

Captains are responsible for understanding league rules/policies and relaying this information to their teams.

The team fee for 2018 is $1100/team. Teams will consist of up to 14 regular players and a maximum of 6 spare players. If a team has less than 14 regular players, they are still responsible for covering the entire team cost.

If players wish to see the leagues financial information they must make arrangements to meet with the League President and Treasurer. Hard copies of the league financial information will not be distributed but all financial documents will be made available to the players if they wish to see them.   A financial report will be presented at our yearly captain’s meeting.

Addendum to SPO Rules

Game Play

All Players must be 18 years of age or older to play in the league.

All Players both male and female will use the same size ball during gameplay.

Both teams are advised to keep score however the home team is the official scorekeeper of the game. Teams must report the score of the games by email or text message to the league president.  Any discrepancy in the score should be reported to the umpire immediately.

Before the start of the game, teams are required to fill in their roster with accurate names of the players participating in that game.  At the end of the game, the captain is to sign off on the roster and the final score and submit the sheet to the umpire.  Teams that borrow a player from another team must put the team name from which the borrowed player plays with, in brackets beside their name on the sheet.

All players are expected to arrive in proper active wear in order to be eligible to play. Players must wear proper shoes (either running shoes or non-metal cleats) and proper workout or active wear for playing baseball.  Jeans or work pants will not be permitted.  All team members are strongly encouraged to wear the league provided team shirts.


The league will not tolerate any abusive or harassing behaviour towards any player, captain, umpire or league official.  Any player demonstrating this type of player by an umpire or league official will incur the following sanctions:

1st Offense – Removal from the game and receive a one-game suspension to be served the following week.

2nd Offense – Removal from the game and a suspension for the rest of the season and year-end tournament.

Year-End Tournament

The year-end tournament will consist of two separate divisions (A+B).  The teams competing in each division will be decided by the regular season standings.  The top 6 teams from the regular season will be in division A and the bottom 6 will be in division B.  There will be on cross-over of divisions.  A prize will be awarded to the winners of both A and B division.

Any team caught using an illegal player during the tournament will automatically receive a 7-0 loss for the games the illegal player participated in.  They will still be allowed to continue to play in the tournament.  If a team suspects their opponent is using an illegal player the captain is advised to inform the umpire.

Borrowing Players

Should a team require the use of spare players they may use players from their spare list or borrow players from another team or from another team’s spare list. If a team is still short players a team can then play short a fielder playing with 5 male and 4 female players or 4male and 5 female players in order to avoid a forfeit. In which case the team will play with only 3 outfielders 1 of which must be a female.

When borrowing players from another team you can only borrow up to 3 players from that team to avoid a forfeit. You can only borrow the players needed to allow your team to field 10 players and no players should be sitting on the bench. This does not include players from your own team’s spare list, only when borrowing from another team in the league.

Example:  Your team is short 2 players to field the 10 players and avoid a forfeit and your team’s spare players are unavailable.  You can borrow two players from another team. The same if you short 1 player or 3 players.


If any team is unable to make a regular season game for any reason that team will forfeit and the team they are scheduled to play will be awarded a win for that week.  Captains are responsible for informing the League President and the captain of the opposing team if they intend on forfeiting.    The result of that game will be a 7-0 loss for the forfeiting team.

Game Times

All games need to stay within the time frames that they have been scheduled for:

Game 1: 6:15pm to 7:30pm

Game 2: 7:30pm to 8:45pm

Game 3: 8:45pm to 10:00pm.

If a team does not have enough players to begin the game on time the Umpire will wait 10 minutes before calling the game forcing the team to forfeit. It is important that games start and end on time.  Regardless of the number of innings that have been played or if a game started late, games will be called based on our game time limit of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Mercy Rule

The umpire will call an end to any game in which a team is winning by 15 or more points after 5 full innings have been played. The games will be called after the completion of the bottom of the 6th inning.

There is a six-run limit per inning.

Injury/Courtesy Runners

If a player leaves a game due to injury, the team will skip over the player on the roster with no repercussions while still batting with a male then female rotation in the batting order. If a player leaves a game for any other reason, the team takes an out when it is that players turn at bat.

Courtesy runners will be limited to 3 per game for each team. The batter must run to first base before asking for a courtesy runner. The courtesy runner will not be allowed to start from the fence.


A limit of three (3) over the fence home runs per team per game will be enforced. A batter hitting a ball over the fence in a game in excess of the limit shall be ruled out. Any ball touched by a defensive player which then goes over the fence in fair territory shall be a four-base award and not considered a home run. If a player hits an over the fence home run but then misses a base and/or does not score it will count towards the team home run total. If a batter is ruled out because of the excessive home run rule, the ball is dead, no runs may score, and all runners must return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch.

If a male batter is walked he will be granted first and second base. If there are two outs, then and only then will a female player be given the option to walk or hit on their turn at bat. At any other time during the game, a female batter must take her turn at bat. If a female player is walked she is granted first base only.

Bat Rules

The illegal bat list will be attached to the Captains copy of the rules. It is the Captains responsibility before each game to have all bats lined up and ready for the umpire to inspect 5 minutes before game time. At this time, any illegal bats will be brought to that attention of that team so that they are aware which bats would be in violation of the illegal bat rules.

If a bat comes into play after the start of the game, it must be inspected by the umpire prior to use.

Any player caught using an illegal bat will automatically be declared out and be ejected from the game on the first offence.  If the rule is broken a second time, again it is an automatic out and ejection from the game as well as a fine to the player of $75 paid to the league. The player will not be allowed to play again until the fine has been paid in full.  If there is a third violation the use of an illegal bat it will again be an automatic out, an ejection from the game and the player will be suspended for the remainder of the season including the year-end tournament.


You cannot throw a player out on first from the outfield. It is legal for the outfield to relay to an infielder and then attempt to throw out at first.

Teams may choose to play with 6 male players and 4 female players fielding.  Teams must still have a minimum of 1 female in the outfield.  The Catcher and Pitcher positions must be of opposite sex (ie if the pitcher is male the catcher must be female).

A commitment line in the outfield will be utilized for league play.  Outfielders cannot cross the commitment line until the batter has made contact with the ball.

Base Running

Sliding is allowed but at the players own risk of injury.

An anticipation step will be allowed only if the batter swings and it should not count as an out.  However, it will be at the umpire’s discretion and all umpire calls are final.